We've reached 100 000 members!

Hello everyone,

First of all I would like to thank everyone who have supported CFGFactory, and will support it in the future. It has already been a long way to get here, to have this much content to give to you. During the years since we've started CFGFactory we have been doing lot of changes, adding much more functions. We've started with a small website in Polish and we've never thought that we'd get to this point, thanks to all registered members that made CFGFactory possible.

Furthermore, we had a lot of people asking us: " Will you do something special when you hit 100 000 members?". Well, at this moment we are working on something new, something special that we hope you will all like. Our present to you is giving you a small sneak peak to what we are doing.

Tha sneak-peak btches

This is how the future CFGFactory will look like, Its completely new and will come with a lot of changes. This design should be the final design that we will have. Why change? We want to get much bigger then we already are. We are planning to get more functions but most important, more files for more games. For this we need a clean design that keeps things clear. I hope all of you guys will like this design.


CFGFactory Staff.


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Posted on 21.04.2014 / 15:39

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i love u guys

Posted on 23.04.2014 / 0:24

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keep growing :3

Posted on 25.05.2014 / 15:42

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Posted on 18.08.2014 / 19:38

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Long life to CFGF <3

Posted on 24.08.2014 / 22:37

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The new design looks nice

Posted on 07.03.2015 / 14:54

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I hope this website soon gets over 1 000 000 members!

Posted on 02.04.2015 / 23:44

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Posted on 24.04.2015 / 21:25

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Cool !

Posted on 10.06.2016 / 16:36

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