IWD Re-namer 'Main Folder'

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very useful stuff , wawa dont have a cfgfactory acc , so he told me that i can upload it . If you run it your COD4 Main folder it renames the folders (iwd ones) before skinning localized_ stuff!



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For People that do not trust it. I checked it inside the .bat file. Its Clear and for renaming your IWDs in your main folder like Description says. Handy tool. Thx 4 upload im sure lot of people will be using this. Greetz Koene007

Posted on 27.04.2011 / 18:35

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What does it do?

Posted on 27.04.2011 / 18:57

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it renames the files so you just have to add skins

Posted on 28.04.2011 / 2:06

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shit program!!!

Posted on 28.04.2011 / 14:25

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were should i paste it ??

Posted on 03.08.2013 / 15:04

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