CoD4 anti flood addon

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AntiFlood v1.0
checksum: 2054182405
Works with almost all mods.
made by Justin
XFire = rumabatu
thanks to Netsky bashy & Pozzuh & Star|Pvt.Paula for testing

With this addon you can stop the fake player server flooder.
It automaticly bans/kicks when it detects fake players.

This is the first version so there can still be bugs in it.

Add this to your server cfg:

//*******AntiFlood addon*******
//Do not remove/change this or antiflood doesn't work anymore.
sets _antiflood_version "1.0"
sets _antiflood_checksum " "

set scr_flood_punish 1 // 0 = off 1 = kick 2 = ban
set scr_flood_limit 3 // How much connecting players with same guid needed to start punish them.

And then put the z_svr_antiflood.iwd to your mod folder.
Do not change the name or anything inside of z_svr_antiflood.iwd or it may not work anymore.
When the server is running with antiflood on it the dvar _antiflood_checksum will be set to the checksum of z_svr_antiflood.iwd. This should always be 2054182405


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awesome script, you can't flood with fake players anymore !
GJ justin

Posted on 21.05.2011 / 20:46

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i dont even know what Fake players is xD

Posted on 21.05.2011 / 21:35

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Looks like this;

Posted on 21.05.2011 / 21:42

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soz for gaying but i love him

thx to cfg fac crew <3

Posted on 23.05.2011 / 17:57

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hehe thanks hey

Posted on 06.06.2011 / 17:52

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Why you attempt to minify code? Its so fucking easy to get readable source. (just google cpp formatter)

Posted on 09.01.2019 / 17:54

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