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Map Title                : Hollow Pointe
Map Version              : 1.1          
Author                   : Kenneth Svehla
E-mail                   :
Website                  :

Game                     : Call of Duty 4

Supported Gametype       : Multiplayer

                         : Deathmatch
                         : Team Deathmatch
                         : Sabotage
                         : Domination
             : Search and Destroy
             : Headquarters
Map Size                 : 8-16 : Medium Map


Contents of this Package :

     2x .ff
     1x .iwd


Installation Instructions:

     Extract mp_hollow folder to [root]/CoD4/usermaps (create folder if missing)

     Rcon name for map is \"mp_hollow\"  map should be run out of the modwarfare \"mod\"


Construction Time        : 5 weeks for the majority of the build


Version 1.1 update:

    In this first update,  I have had to rename the map as a whole

    Mostly because it was brought to my attention that there already was a

    map out there called hillside.  So to Avoid any confusion or issues,

    I have renamed the map to HollowPointe.  I have also done much to improve

    framerates. Not that there was much of an issue to begin with but still. 

    I have also tweaked particle effects, lighting, some cover locations,
    and spawn points. 


Personal Notes:

    At this time all my debugging and testing was done using bots, as I had not been able to

    playtest the level online with anyone as of now because everyone I knew has been busy.
    I definitely would like to tweak the map for better gameplay, after receiving feedback

    and playing the level against human opponents.  Things such as closing up certain windows,

    adding more cover,walls,knock out some walls etc.  So definitely let me know what

    things I can do to better improve your experience. 

    After Some play testing I would like to close off some of the windows

    to improve the gameplay experience and improve upon the design of the map as a whole.

     If you run into any bugs please let me know via email and I\"ll fix them ASAP. 

                Thank you for downloading my level and I hope you enjoy it! :)

                                                          ~KenNeth Svehla


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I really like this

Posted on 15.09.2011 / 15:15

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Posted on 27.11.2011 / 23:32

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This map is awesome! But I have a problem (I don't think I'm the only)
The map is so dark! is not shine like the screenshots, how can I increase the brightness without increasing the brightness at the menu options.

Because, Many people who played on my server said that map is dark.
Any help? (Or any update?)

Thank you,
And keep up the good work!

Posted on 29.02.2012 / 16:54

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