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This mod replaces the melee knife with a ninja sword of types. It was modified from IW\'s knife model and made into sword of sorts. If you have any suggestions contact me. Included, is the normal skin and a quick blood skin I made; nothing special. There is really only one model needed since you never drop this weapon so I only bothered to make the viewmodel; which will work as worldmodel as well size-wise. If anyone would want this model made for your primary weapon pm me and I can alter it for that. Please give me credit if you use this. Have fun : )


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Sick, ill try it out now , Also Can you make Grenade Models?? Like a Semtex or throwingknife

Posted on 21.10.2011 / 23:28

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nice mod

Posted on 03.11.2013 / 22:28

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can i use this sword as Promod knife skin?

Posted on 01.01.2014 / 14:55

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Posted on 10.04.2015 / 22:09

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