BioHazards Config

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A new config designed by me to maximize graphic qualitys with a few extras.


Consisters of colours for the 5 cod4 promod maps


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ToRiN's config

Posted on 05.06.2011 / 13:05

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Its got bits from it but ive edited the film tweaks ect so i made it my own with a few extras

Posted on 05.06.2011 / 14:40

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its funny cuz you used like 4 different configs, but all you did was change some text, and colours and then put in film tweaks from another config.. really pro

Posted on 05.06.2011 / 17:51

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lol? ive edited majority of things ive edited 5 film tweaks and texts witha new sky colour to maximize the colour of the people to help determine them while also keeping it legit in which this config can allow you to edit the detail of people to also max out graphical views to allow better PC's to see more and helps the lower PC's gain FPS

Posted on 05.06.2011 / 17:56

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