Tavich Style AK47


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lol sick

Posted on 12.06.2011 / 23:11

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Author of this skin is "Tavich"

-This is my new AK-74u.I just wanted to see reactions and comments on it. I screenshoted with 1280x1024 res and it had like 2 mb's and i had to ripp it and it turned out half rez - ripped.Anyway, i have a lot of other skinz and if u like this one please comment and i will put more.I couldnt take better pics for some other reasons. Enjoy the skin! (Go to utube for a "Cod4 skins on public" video and thats it

Posted on 13.06.2011 / 1:33

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you keep em uploading, love this skin thanks

Posted on 13.06.2011 / 3:31

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I am glad that there is nothing like it

Posted on 13.06.2011 / 12:07

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Woah dude, I don't even remember doing these, now that I'm finally back expect more.

Sincerely yours,


Posted on 31.12.2011 / 16:52

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GERIIIIZ XDD szeretlek

Posted on 05.01.2012 / 21:05

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Posted on 10.03.2012 / 11:35

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