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My Filmtweaks Toggle Script. This script allow you to swith filmtweaks with one button.


Place all .cfg Files in your main folder. Open all mp_mapname.cfg and place ur filmtweaks in it. (For example open mp_crash and place ur filmtweaks for crash in it.)

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Q: How Can I change the button to swith filmtweaks?

A: Open film.cfg Look for follow line: ' bind mouse5 "vstr togglekey" ' Change mouse5 to the button you want (For example ' bind F5 "vstr togglekey" ')

Q: How can I add more filmtweaks?

A: 1.Add a new Toggle in the script & change in Previous line the toggle Number (For example (Red text is new) 
seta toggle6 "vstr backlot; exec mp_backlot.cfg; seta togglekey vstr toggle7"
seta toggle7 "vstr other; exec mp_other.cfg; seta togglekey vstr toggle1" )

2. Add a new line to tell u ingame what Filmtweak your using
set other "other!"

3. Make a new .cfg file in ur main folder and put your filmtweaks in it. (If u use my example name your cfg will call mp_other.cfg)

Q: How can I change the ingame text that tells you what filmtweak your using.

A: All Text that tells u what filmtweak your using starts with 'set' (For example set crash "CRASH!") Just edit the text beween the quotes ""

Q: How I can exec this script/Script not working.

A: Just do ingame /exec film.cfg in console or bind it



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sick tbh

Posted on 10.09.2011 / 18:20

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very sick work koene!!! Thanks a lot :>

Posted on 10.09.2011 / 18:41

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probably get banned becouse of vstrs

Posted on 11.09.2011 / 13:46

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@juN: this is obviously for when in demo mode, therefore no need to be afraid of getting banned.

Posted on 11.09.2011 / 17:39

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i dont understand how to do it , cus you please upload an video that explind how to do it ?

Posted on 04.05.2012 / 16:21

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