File description

An old discotheque located in Chechnya with a snowy weather pattern

Map size:medium
Game type: DM, TDM, SD, HQ, DOM, SAB

Installation Instructions:

Place all your files in the "C:/Program Files/Activision/Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare/usermaps/mp_lagoa_snow" directory.
If the folder does not exist, create it.

tested with mods
frontlines mod
agent mod
flaretrap beta mod
flyer mod
knife warfare mod
ninja arena mod
noob warfare mod
projectile weapons mod
SE mod
Tn 1.3 mod
vk mod 2.41
pezbot-no waypoints yet but the many spawnpoints over the map doesn't get the bots stuck anywhere-challenging
tested on Windows 7 quad core and Xp service pack 3
recommended resolution if medium computer with hdmi output-1280 X 720
joystick support if you have pinnacle gameprofiler
helicopter support available in map
works in anaglyph 3D mode if you have Nvidia 3D Vision supported card

Many Thanx to War111 for their excellent tutorials
Without them this map wouldn't be possible
Map made bij HenoKutus



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epic 10/10 !

Posted on 11.12.2011 / 19:13

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hey bartzz You are pro !!!

Posted on 11.12.2011 / 19:35

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