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my config
have fun.

my specs are:
Q6600 @ 2.4ghz
4gb ram ddr2 800mhz
EAH4850 512MB ddr3
19' widescreen
1400x900 on desktop

I also have the _lodscalerigid and _lodscaleskinned tweak ON fyi.


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map colours:
F5 = City
F6 = Backlot
F7 = Strike
F8 = Vacant
F9 = Crash
F10 = crossfire

to be honest all of these colours are old , I mean like, 2009 old, been using them since a friend of mine gave me his config and I picked up his colours and I use F7 for strike and city, it all depends on your screen gamma, I use F1 to adjust my in-game gamma.

I consider my config as ideal to 74-u players, I picked up toxjee's config and added some FPS/REG commands of mine, and made my config, have fun and comment what you thought of it.

PS: The text on my screenshots look like crap because I have the catalyst control center of my ATI gfx set to TOP PERFORMANCE.

Posted on 27.12.2011 / 21:40

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Nice cfg bro

Posted on 03.08.2012 / 1:08

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Posted on 21.08.2013 / 10:15

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Good CFG high FPS beautiful HUD

Posted on 20.04.2016 / 14:55

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man no couls

what type get coulss

Posted on 25.10.2017 / 7:35

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