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This pack contains mostly MW3 multiplayer background music except for one which is the mp winning theme. The winning theme is from MW2 in iw20.iwd file where all the music is on MW2. I know you never heard it because it was never used in game on multiplayer. I can't remember which iw**.iwd file it is on MW3.

So this replace all start and end theme for all teams. It also replace the winning and losing theme as well. And as a bonus I added in the MW3 theme for the main menu as well.

I placed it in WinRAR and premade the folders so you can just whack it in there. Add it to any mods by dropping it in the folder or adding it into a .iwd file and place that in there.

There is a way of playing this on cracked servers. I don't if you can be ban on pubic servers so do this at you own risk. Here is step by step guild on how to make it so you can use it on servers online. You may need to edited this if you version not english. Just replace english to whatever yours is.

1. Create a empty .iwd file and rename it "localized_english_aw07".

2. Unzip "MW3 & MW2 MP BG Music" and copy the "sound" folder over to your new .iwd file.

3. Move you "localized_english_aw07" file to you "main" folder in CoD4 installed on your hard drive. Just Google it if your stuck.

4. Rename all you "iw**" to "localized_english_aa*" in the "main" folder.


0 > a

1 > b

2 > c

Do this all the way up to "localized_english_iw00" files and your done.

Enjoy and have fun!


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I forgot to add a link to help you out on the steps. Link:
Also on step 4 here a example if I change iw** file. "iw09" to "localized_english_aaj". I hope it helped!

Posted on 14.02.2012 / 21:31

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some ones say thats for skins installation you need to add the skin in a mod or somthing like thats
the best way is to chage from "iw00" --> "iw06" to "localized_english_aa" --> "localized_english_aag"

Posted on 27.07.2013 / 1:10

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