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Hi all,

Here you got my config, because some people requested. I've never uploaded it before, so here it isTongue out.

It has a lot of my scripts in it (some already released and some not yet) and maybe some other useful things in it. I had invested a lot of time in it so I hope you like it.

Some few instructions to use this cfg:

- It might help to press backspace to fix not properly working scripts. (it resets scripts)

- Not all scripts are made for every fps. (some for 125 and some for 250). You can often fix this by editting the wait in the script.

- For everything else in the cfg you should figure out yourself xD

BTW: The screenshots might not represent your ingame experience. Those are just some screenshots i found om my xfire profile.


CFGFactory Justin


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Now everyone is going to be scripting everywhere xd

Posted on 15.03.2012 / 19:38

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very niccee!!

Posted on 15.03.2012 / 22:13

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I think this cfg is very useful for glitching staff but the thing is that we dont know which bind is for which glitch . So can u make something like tutorial, it would be nice of you ;] Please!

Posted on 15.03.2012 / 22:38

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open the cfg and read binds

Posted on 16.03.2012 / 8:42

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When i try to copy the bind
"bind MOUSE2 "+speed_throw;-sprint;vstr zoom;-speed_throw""
into my own CFG it doesnt work? any ideas? btw sick filmtweaks

Posted on 16.03.2012 / 11:17

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o_0 nevermind :-)

Posted on 16.03.2012 / 12:06

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so much script....

Posted on 16.03.2012 / 16:55

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This is done with the jump script on KP_PGUP. (when you press 0 you can change the direction of the jump script.

Posted on 16.03.2012 / 19:15

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Is there any other specific bind for other specific glitch in this cfg ? or just this ?

Posted on 16.03.2012 / 23:02

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Hi, I put the MOUSE1 and MOUSE2 Commands in my cfg and they dont work :S any ideas? thanks

Posted on 19.03.2012 / 16:04

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@rybond13: the vstr refers to a dvar located elsewhere in the cfg, that's why.
If the is something like this:
bind x "vstr qwerty"
You should look for something like this:
seta qwerty "say something"

Posted on 19.03.2012 / 20:11

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@Justin So Do i just add "bind x "vstr qwerty" in too my cfg? Im not that good with commands and stuff

Posted on 19.03.2012 / 20:47

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U must add bind x "vstr qwerty" into your config. Then, search for seta qwerty "blablabla....", copy and paste it into your cfg and it'll works

Posted on 17.07.2012 / 5:46

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search seta qwerty "blablabla..." into justin's config I forgot that detail

Posted on 17.07.2012 / 5:47

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