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Patrick "PatrickG" André Gjøl

My real config with updated filmtweaks.
This is also my playing config and was updated 16th of March 2012.
For all the latest info visit:!/PatrickGjoel!/PatrickGjoel!/PatrickGjoel

//mouse settings//

Zowie AM
DPI: 450
ingame: 1.7
Pollingrate: 1000hz 

//RES & FPS//
1680x1050 - 120hz
125 fps.

Steelseries Siberia V2
Creative xmod - usb soundcard
Roccat Arvo keyboard
Zowie Spawn G-TF Speed mousepad
Steelseries QCK+ to fit under the keyboard.


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This cfg is in the video?

Posted on 18.03.2012 / 13:44

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Yes it's that cfg =)

Posted on 21.03.2012 / 18:33

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Oh thats the sickest cfg ever! Love playing with it. Btw, Im always wondering why does my screen lag like im playing with 125 fps when im playing at 1680x1050 or higher even if i have 75Hz monitor... Will it be smooth at this resolution if i buy 120Hz monitor?

Posted on 31.03.2012 / 12:15

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Yes dynamic, 125 is a bit choppy. However it's a lot more bearable on a 120hz screen ^^

Posted on 05.04.2012 / 23:43

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this is a awesome cfg, but whenever i restart cod4 it changes my graphics options and my controls, please help me, no other cfg does this.

Posted on 08.04.2012 / 17:46

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That is because the config is read only so you need to tick that off, that should also be the first thing you check if something like that happens

Posted on 09.04.2012 / 10:00

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