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This is my config that I created by myself.

Filmtweaks are binded on leftarrow uparrow and righarrow and I play with lighting off , except sometimes on city i turn lighting to on.





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universe playya?

Posted on 21.07.2012 / 0:31

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Posted on 18.08.2012 / 1:16

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Sick config mate

Posted on 29.09.2012 / 19:16

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not fake its work ! thanx

Posted on 28.10.2012 / 23:47

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Ty for 1144 downloads , check these lan screenshots and if you like my new scoreboard , here its is for you

same filmtweaks but different scoreboard and cg_Scoreboardmycolor is 0 0 0 0 on these screenshots but i use 0 1 1 0 (blue)

give support to Royal Skill on facebook

Posted on 22.01.2013 / 16:49

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Scoreboard bin , enjoy

bind TAB "+scores; g_scorescolor_allies 1 1 1 1; g_scorescolor_axis 0 0 0 1; g_teamcolor_myteam 0 1 1 0; g_teamname_axis ^7(^0+^7) ; g_teamname_allies ^7(^7-^7);bind 0 say ^1 got wallhacked 30111993 1337"

Posted on 22.01.2013 / 16:50

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nice nice

Posted on 23.01.2013 / 17:34

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the best cfg )

Posted on 30.01.2013 / 16:44

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check my filmtweaks in my latest action @ cg
my xfire : killahplaya

Posted on 01.02.2013 / 18:45

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