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Im still not a big fan of this mod, since its almost same as our Live MCFG generator.

Posted on 15.06.2012 / 7:53

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its easier to use than your live gen.

Posted on 17.06.2012 / 17:32

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You can ready every info here:
If you need something, or you find a bug, just contact me (Xfire: jk3editor)

Posted on 18.06.2012 / 22:59

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Great job! Is this used in CoDTVMM Tools? Looks pretty much the same. Working like a charm!

Posted on 21.06.2012 / 3:58

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Thank you
Btw yes, CoDTV MM Tools is using it too ^^

Posted on 23.06.2012 / 20:48

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Better than the MCFG generator.

Posted on 30.06.2012 / 16:42

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Hey, a small update is on (1.22):
- When you save the config, the Z axis of the sun, and the alpha of some colors won't be missing (it was in 1.21).
- The "Missing" error message is removed.

I can't update the download file here on CFGFactory, but you can get it here:

Posted on 11.07.2012 / 17:25

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This is so sick
The only thing that could make this better would be a color-wheel for the film tweaks, like in color correcting programs... But that seems impossible. Anyway, great job!

Posted on 01.12.2012 / 5:33

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