BeoWulf's summer cfg

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Config was created by exNNN:), modified by BeoWulf (Dovahkiin)



Don't forget unlock it, copy binds, edit ur parametres, and copy back binds and sure LOCK IT. Sure, so u can edit binds.


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eye cancer

Posted on 23.06.2012 / 14:43

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lol strong cfg

Posted on 23.06.2012 / 14:58

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Please don't forget vote

Posted on 23.06.2012 / 17:43

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Posted on 23.06.2012 / 18:51

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screen @ backlot. thanks, i am blind now.

Posted on 24.06.2012 / 17:37

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Posted on 25.06.2012 / 20:56

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Posted on 26.06.2012 / 15:51

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Posted on 28.06.2012 / 10:13

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Posted on 28.06.2012 / 15:06

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Try mine updated CFG

Posted on 08.07.2012 / 17:48

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