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A remake of the map Summit from Call of Duty Black Ops. Set high on a wintry mountain top
with severe drops all round.

Map version:


map size:



Supported gametypes: DM TDM HQ S&D DOM SAB

oldschool is NOT supported.

Installation Instructions:

copy the folder and all files contained within to the
Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare/usermaps/

If the folder does not exist, create it

map shortname for your server config is: mp_summit

Contact info

Website: /

chrisellison50 at hotmail dot com

dmausderau at hotmail dot com


Map plays with SAS/Spetznaz and will cause a "red X in yer face" if your mod has the broken teams.gsc.

Not tested on Linux servers. Simply too many custom textures were needed in making the map. If it works, great. If not, sorry.

No we cant make the files any smaller.. we tried

Tested with OW2 mods inc unreleased version with extra models no xmodel
limit errors! OW2 1.4 was also tested.

Hardpoints work fine on OW2 mod. Other mods may need tweaks to configs
(ac130 height etc)

This map is M.I.P protected, do not change the contents of the IWD file!


Special thanks to HolyMoly for his Map integrity check script!

Treyarch for the concept and textures and models.

Winter OpForce skins by Zelimper

SAS snow camo by Unknown. File found at cfgfactory, no author credits given:

Permission is granted for any files in this map to be used in any way as long as proper credit
is given to its original Author.

The author's of this file in no way excepts any responsibility for damage to data(software),physical damage
to hardware or physical damage to any person as a result of the appropriate or inappropriate use of this file.
It is deemed that users who run this file are automatically considered to have read and understood this
liability clause before using the aforementioned file.

This could possibly be our last call of duty map and is almost certainly our last remake!!

Note to pc game devs: atleast give some thought to what pc gamers want and NOT what you think they should/not have.


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Just amazing work you did there... I have no words for what you've done

Posted on 04.07.2012 / 12:17

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Posted on 05.07.2012 / 3:09

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No servers = Useless file. IP PLS!!

Posted on 06.07.2012 / 14:46

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Download link FTW?

Posted on 06.07.2012 / 16:47

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WTFFF?!?! INSANE, gna test it with pezbots noaaaw

Posted on 07.07.2012 / 14:01

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im so gna nolife on this map if it looks good<333

Posted on 07.07.2012 / 14:02

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Looked alright, but doesn't work on promod..

Posted on 15.07.2012 / 12:56

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lets find some glitches

Posted on 22.07.2012 / 20:58

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Works fine with Promod in custom_public mode (:

Posted on 04.08.2012 / 20:25

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wow fantastic remake but can u remove the wind sound?

Posted on 16.08.2012 / 18:24

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What's wrong with the wind sound?

Posted on 28.08.2012 / 16:30

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Map Updated 9-26-2012

Posted on 26.09.2012 / 8:33

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