Cades Fun Guns Mod v.3.7 BETA

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This mod Has TONS OF MODDDED GUNS, AND GUNS SKINS, there are like 20+ modded guns, it took me about a month of testing and developing it, so please download... This ISN;T THE OFFICIAL RELEASE. HENCE THE NAME BETA.  Tell me what you think! 


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It took a MONTH to developing this? I checked the files and all i see is Low skins and some small edits at guns. I do this in 5min.

Posted on 29.07.2012 / 10:47

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ur da boss

Posted on 30.07.2012 / 0:58

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nice work

Posted on 04.08.2012 / 14:02

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wtf. tron hands, stupid grey mp5
if there a tons of modded guns there must be tons of screenshots muthafuka

Posted on 21.08.2012 / 10:13

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user bots?

Posted on 03.06.2016 / 23:01

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not bad .

Posted on 24.11.2016 / 13:47

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