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what font is that? nice config

Posted on 30.07.2012 / 10:40

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Posted on 30.07.2012 / 11:52

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thanks, such a clean cfg, love it

Posted on 31.07.2012 / 9:43

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AMAZING CFG! I downloaded this because it looked so damn good! It even gives me more FPS that a CFG i downloaded especially for FPS boost. THANKS!

PS: Fonts do not work on servers. Is that because of the server settings or am i doing something wrong? I pretty much copy-paste the CFG to the specified folder and in game i only remove the AA and adjust it to my screen resolution.

Posted on 31.07.2012 / 16:16

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You need to overwrite the old font in the localized_english_iw00.iwd file

Posted on 01.08.2012 / 7:28

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what is /cg_fov here i bet its bigger than 80 how i can make the same cg_fov like her?

Posted on 03.08.2012 / 21:03

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