Pickup Mod

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To Install extract the file into promod mod folderĀ 

You can only move cars. Use G to move cars.


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and BombSides*

Posted on 12.01.2013 / 17:38

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oh my god i need to try this

Posted on 14.01.2013 / 21:34

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doesnt seem to work when i press G

Posted on 16.01.2013 / 2:36

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use your grenade key to move cars.

Posted on 18.01.2013 / 12:03

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Where do i put this gsc file?

Posted on 18.03.2013 / 16:14

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Is there any way to make this so that when grenade is pressed, it moves the modelfx, so I can put it in codjumper mod so it could be possible to move objects people want to bounce off of. Like make a new mod where stock maps can be altered to fit someones bounces and glitches. It could also be a mod addon for codjumper where you can spawn different ramps or helos or cars to bounce from one place to place. Even add a script where you can set a double bounce script with a touch of a button on 2 bounces.

Posted on 31.08.2013 / 5:27

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Posted on 16.10.2015 / 19:38

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