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What´s this? It´s the Magpul Masada (a.k.a. ACR) from MW2. This pack includes:

1. Fully functional ACR with all the original animations ripped from MW2.

2. Various attachments: Grenade launcher, Masterkey, Silencer, Reflex, Eotech, Acog, thermal... and some combos like ACOG + silencer. Choose your loadout or use the default loadout (gl/reflex/silencer/acog).

3. Extra worldmodels for those who like extreme detail.

4. Custom sounds from MW2.

5. Extremely accurate textures using Sanya´s method.

6. A folder structure so that server admins only need to drag and drop.

7. Want to know more? Download and test it now!.


DarkRaptor: Porting the textures, models, animations, making the weapon files, compiling, packcaging everything.

Tom BMX: Creating the tool called LIME that allowed me to do a better rip of the models. Creating "Xanim Exporter" which lets me import the MW2 anims he ripped.

Susel: Supporting me. Helping me to get the ADS anims ready. Helping me by providing the correct material settings for the eotech dot, acog reticle and base, and giving me the idea of modifying the lens material to get the current result. Ripping the sounds.

Titopricus: Testing the pack. Pointing out bugs.


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really amazing work.... great job.... ya should do mw2 tactical deagle next <3 or ima be

Posted on 27.07.2013 / 22:23

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I might consider it.

Posted on 27.07.2013 / 22:35

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i really love the intervention you did

Posted on 19.08.2013 / 3:34

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Siempre quise tener este arma en mi server sin tener el ow2. Por fin..!!! Gracias de nuevo!

Posted on 23.09.2013 / 1:39

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How do I work with this model؟

Posted on 01.12.2013 / 17:45

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please help me!!!![/mail]

Posted on 11.12.2013 / 21:22

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I made an SP conversion and I have an issue with hide_tags
I want to hide gl and shotgun tag, dude u know the names?
here is a video of what i did

Posted on 30.04.2014 / 22:22

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Please upload thermal sights or just give me a hint to make it

Posted on 14.08.2018 / 2:56

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need to fix ammo counter on the acr w/ grenade laucher, it is displayed incorrectly

Posted on 08.06.2022 / 3:37

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