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Image is from the gfx cfg, i can't get 250 on any map, let alone with good looking settings

everything you need to know is in the Read me text file, if you want to know more, look and see what's in the cfg for yourself

I am Noir!, i used to go by the name Pirate. Blackie!, now i am Noir!

CoD4 is still dead but i decided to uplaod this

hope you enjoy, leave contructive critism and idiodic comments will be ignored GOOD FEEDBACK IS ALWAYS WLECOME


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Posted on 15.08.2013 / 13:28

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nice filmtweaks

Posted on 15.08.2013 / 13:42

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for anyone who find the Crash filmtweak is too bright, here is a small edit for you

bind F3 "Crash^0!;r_filmtweakbrightness 0.24;r_filmtweakcontrast 1.475;r_filmtweakdarktint 1 1.05 1.2;r_filmtweaklighttint 1.1 1.1 1.2;r_filmtweakenable 1;r_filmtweakdesaturation 0;r_gamma 1"

Posted on 15.08.2013 / 14:23

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Cod4 isn't dead. 1/10 because of that saying

Posted on 15.08.2013 / 21:59

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Kinzzu, it may not be in your opinion, but in North America, the public community almost always has cheaters in the servers...sometimes it is literally full of just people cheating...

Posted on 18.08.2013 / 22:59

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Posted on 21.08.2013 / 1:30

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