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* MUST READ!!!* The Console is in cheat engine, if you have ever hacked using cheat engine, then you will understand what to do. When you download the console, put it on your desktop, then make ALL bo2 files read only. Then when you do that, open bo2 and go to the clip you want to record, when you are in the clip, open the external console, and at the top right of the cheat engine, you should see a computer looking icon. Click on it, and find the t6mp proccess, and double click it, and if it asked you to change values, click keep the same. Then, you can go ahead and change the values of it. Btw, every time you go to record a clip, you have to re-put your dof settings, since you can't save your settings in cheat engine. sounds bad, but a console is a console. Hope you guys like it. 


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working with 4D1?

Posted on 18.08.2013 / 22:36

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4d1 doesnt Have Theatre, it works for steam. But make sure YOU MAKE ALL BO2 FILES READ ONLY! that way it cant update.

Posted on 18.08.2013 / 22:38

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okey, but i don't want to get banned.

Posted on 18.08.2013 / 22:41

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Good Work !

Posted on 19.08.2013 / 18:28

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GUYS, BE CAREFUL. i just got banned on bo2, and i think i got a virus from this file...

Posted on 20.08.2013 / 2:31

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this shitty ass mother fucker gave me virus!

Posted on 20.08.2013 / 3:47

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You notice when you post this, it will be patched alot faster?

Posted on 21.08.2013 / 3:05

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My console is much more simple and easy to use than CE.

Posted on 22.08.2013 / 9:11

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cheat engine isnt a virus and can get you banned ^

Posted on 27.08.2013 / 1:22

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Posted on 08.09.2013 / 9:34

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this is outdated right?

Posted on 28.11.2013 / 16:01

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update please!

Posted on 19.12.2013 / 2:38

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Ban for use that ?

Posted on 30.04.2014 / 19:26

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