Beretta 23 Raffica

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With silencer, mini reflex, tactical knife


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Great Work Susel!!! only thing better then this ...... is this..... turned into a public model or im gonna

Posted on 21.10.2013 / 14:31

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Actually susel has more of BO2 guns at his disposal, like the 870 MCS and MP7
Either he'll use it for himself, or release it at a later date (I hope he'll do the latter one)

Posted on 23.10.2013 / 7:47

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He has lot of nice guns released, same for some other guys, I just need to upload them here when I have time and the will to do it

Posted on 23.10.2013 / 12:21

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how to use?

Posted on 30.10.2013 / 7:12

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just tried it.. the file has no weapon file.... gona type out one for it now..

Posted on 19.01.2014 / 4:04

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Can someone post a template of the mod.csv lines? I'm no custom modder(able to build models from scratch) but I know I need em and the weapon file I plan on using the 1911 to start with for similarity sake.

Posted on 21.07.2014 / 17:36

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My dumbass didnt realize til just now that the mod.csv lines are there already.. Durr... Now to make it work

Posted on 21.07.2014 / 22:56

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weaponfiles :

Posted on 23.07.2014 / 14:02

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i currently have 35 bo2 weapons at my disposal all will be released when my o1 weapons are done

Posted on 24.07.2014 / 17:14

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this gun make me happien

Posted on 06.07.2015 / 16:38

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