BO2 MP Viewhands Pack

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BO2 MP Viewhands.

Ripped using Tom's Tools

8 pairs of hands.

COL, NML, SPC maps included.

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Posted on 20.12.2013 / 21:01

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gjcool smiley

Posted on 22.12.2013 / 21:37

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bf3 player models and gloves to cod4 now really smiley

Posted on 23.12.2013 / 10:27

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very kool! how to install this?

Posted on 03.01.2014 / 22:54

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k.. took a while but.. explored and figured it out smiley .... in mod tools- place the bo2 hands raw files in raw and also in mod. then go to raw/character, find the _mp .gsc files for the teams (eg. sas or opforce...etc) and open um up in notepad++ and change the hands viewmodel names that are in there to the bo2 hands viewmodel names (theres 1 viewmodel name twice in each .gsc file ) then copy that changed character folder into ur mod tools mod folder also with the rest. then in mod.csv copy the names of the character files in this way.. example-



then compile the mod.... run it and pick whichever teams you changed to have the viewhands.

im fairly new to this... Thanks a lot to T-Max for sharing the viewhands and Toms tools for creating the tools etc. and Treyarch and iw and CFGFactory all that made this possible!! Great viewhands!!

Posted on 21.01.2014 / 5:29

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@j007! that's a good way of putting it but i dont know how to install it...

Posted on 06.02.2014 / 23:13

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It would be awesome to have mw3 viewhands and player models. BO2 viewhands are awesome cool smiley

Posted on 01.06.2014 / 17:00

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Why you need them? You can't compile a little weapon model :\

Posted on 05.06.2014 / 14:33

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I can't compile weapons? I can, just yours has some problems that need fixing lol. Not gonna waste my time on custom model what i'm not gonna use anyway lol

Posted on 30.07.2014 / 0:24

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Posted on 09.11.2014 / 23:44

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Hi,how to install?I neeed help okay smiley

Posted on 10.03.2015 / 20:46

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is there any way i can make them usable in world at war?

Posted on 03.07.2016 / 21:11

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