MW2 Camo Pack for Intervention Custom Model

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Hello again,

Today I have made a MW2 Camo Pack for the Intervention custom model uploaded by Koene007.

All the installation instructions are included in the 'Read Me.txt' file! (I don't mention how to install the Intervention Model though because you should all know how to.)


Please Note: You can only use ONE camo at one time, you CAN'T have multiple camos installed or it won't work! (Unless you can somehow make it work.) Also, this Camo Pack is designed for the Intervention Custom Model so it won't work on other custom models without not showing correctly.


Remember to check out Koene007's Intervention if you haven't already:


That's all! I hope you all enjoy this nice little pack and comment if there are any problems and I'll try to reply as soon as I can! Thanks! :)


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Thx so much <3

Posted on 26.04.2014 / 16:53

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No problem Klemorz

Posted on 26.04.2014 / 17:22

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wait is this for the cheytac m200 version?

Posted on 17.05.2014 / 3:36

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You can make the other camos work by adding them as additional weapons e.g
etc.. and just edit the menu file called something like "cac_ingame" and statsTable.csv in your mod.

Posted on 17.05.2014 / 4:20

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You will probably hit the weapon limit though so I advice not using this method^^^

Posted on 17.05.2014 / 4:21

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Posted on 17.05.2014 / 14:12

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