CoD4 Greenscreen Map

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As I understood from a polish website, you need to  put the mp_greenscreen folder into XXX: \ Call of Duty 4 \ usermaps \ then do devmap mp_greenscreen

I'm not sure if this works, try it by yourself. If it works please let me know.

Update: It did not show up when I tried devmap mp_greenscreen so I made a folder inside my config folder called usermaps and put it there. Then I went into my moviemod and made a folder called maps and put it there.

I also found out on the net that you have to set the gamemode to TDM. If you try some other gametype it will just load a new map, like for me it did backlot.

Hope this helps :)



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thanks for this

Posted on 14.06.2014 / 2:30

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OMG thank you !!!

Posted on 15.06.2014 / 22:26

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Posted on 24.08.2014 / 16:02

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Posted on 10.09.2014 / 17:30

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Posted on 22.09.2014 / 11:07

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I have an error "impure .IWD" and it close COD4

Posted on 23.06.2015 / 15:26

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Hey man, im having a technical issue, Im trying to launch the map with the movie mod, iv tried what you have but nothing seems to be working

Posted on 16.05.2018 / 9:04

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