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Hey guys! This is the mod zura posted on YouTube for celebrating his milestone of reaching 1k subs, so I tought I'd share it with you guys. It's basically a CODTV for MW2, but with many new features.

Watch his video explaining and talking about the mod here:

His words:

"Thank you so so much for 1,000 subscribers : ) This is part 1 of the celebration!

Watch out for part 2 soon boys x)

So for the last few days I've been working really hard on a new MW2 cinematic mod for you guys, it includes a dolly camera, and much much more. : )
It can also be used for easily faking frags if that's what floats your boat ; )

The video pretty much explains how the mod works and how to use it. 

It isn't required to give me any credit for using this mod in an edit or whatever, however it would be greatly appreciated : D

ANY questions what so ever, feel free to ask.

If you want to request a new feature on the tool, just comment below, and i will take it into consideration and possibly update the mod with new features every now and again.

Feel free to edit the code as you please as long as you credit me for my features : )

The cinematic mod :!uZwHnSBJ!S873-He...

GRIIM's bot renamer tool :!eVoQGKJA!TzYmgFi...




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why you so gooood, can you put a command list for download?

Posted on 09.10.2014 / 4:24

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@deopyeyes The command list is in there, and I didn't make this, Zura did!

Posted on 09.10.2014 / 16:08

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This mod is outdated, go to Optimize Edits channel to get the updated version.

Posted on 05.05.2015 / 23:02

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@xelerate you could have linked the video doe... anyways: for you people that need the updated one

Posted on 06.05.2015 / 14:21

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