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Ok, here it is, the 0.99 version of the bo2 external console, with sliders and a still bots buttons that u can use in TDM too. It is updated for the last version of STEAM BO2.

Here is the virustotal virus scan:

As with every external console there is a risk of vac ban, use it only in theater/codcaster mode.

I am not responsible of any ban occured by this console.


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hello thanks for the upload but at least you could have done tutorial

Posted on 26.07.2014 / 23:34

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A tut?
Just type in the command and click send,
Vry Difficult

Posted on 27.07.2014 / 1:44

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Ty you sexys

Posted on 27.07.2014 / 15:11

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still bots? Holy shit!!

Posted on 28.07.2014 / 1:17

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Posted on 09.02.2015 / 4:26

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