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begginers custom modwarfare,some model replacements , sorry if the mod is not a perfect one because this is my first time customizing a videogame  mode .......

all models from cfg factory , only for private matches


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Posted on 02.09.2014 / 11:14

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Sick but there's just one screen :/

Posted on 02.09.2014 / 11:23

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sorry Klemorz its only one, I never thought that the admin would even accept the mod, hope u guys enjoy it

Posted on 02.09.2014 / 13:47

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Posted on 21.09.2014 / 14:12

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Hmm... shame to stay but i don't know how to get mod working/install or something???
Thanx in advance! I hope you or someone could help me with this.
by: Kill the DJ

Posted on 08.10.2014 / 15:56

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KilltheDJ, you just have to delete your ModWarfare , and put this one in its place

Posted on 24.10.2014 / 16:53

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Hi 0RaMaN0 i cant thank you enough but THANX A LOT!

Posted on 30.10.2014 / 11:06

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But still i think that i did what you said but it didnt change anything on main menu except the red cross above the Modern and no different guns or different background or something so ...

Posted on 30.10.2014 / 11:11

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Got error...

Couldn't load image 'hud_us_bandages'

Posted on 03.11.2014 / 8:03

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And btw (=by the way) what about usage? sorry i know stupid question, right?

Posted on 03.01.2015 / 13:33

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U know how to get my hands on playing?

Posted on 03.01.2015 / 13:34

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So I downloaded this Rmodwarfare and deleted the old ModWarfare folder and put this on the mods folder and launched cod4 and launched this mod and entered to a game which i created for myself and choosed gun and nothing special happened.

NO different guns no nothing new...
What can i do? Rename the folder or what???

Posted on 03.01.2015 / 13:43

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well i myself did what u did and worked for me so , i dont know whats ur problem @KilltheDJ

Posted on 23.03.2015 / 12:41

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OK... RAMANO u don't know whats my problem :/ so i will explain it again:
So... number 1) Is this skin or a mod or something else? Asking this becuz if i have understanded right there differences between the installations of mod and skin
number 2) Yea i know I'm not stupid (or maybe I am) who knows yes i copyed your Rmodwarfare and deleted the old one and what next...
number 3) Of course open the game and go to mods in main menu : and then double click on the Rmodwarfare but what the heck I am supposed to do when only thing it does is red X (or cross) appears above on the main menu's text and yes i cannot see any Ballista or any other kind of new guns inn the create-class or something

Posted on 13.04.2015 / 11:41

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well i can upload a video on it if u like to, it works just fine , I never had such problem of yours ,

Posted on 10.05.2015 / 9:40

Hey that would be nice! I'd love to have a video on it! Thanks!
Sorry for soo late answering just haven't visited enough much on this comment section!

Posted on 15.07.2015 / 0:30

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