bo2 weapons

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enjoy these bo2 weapons 

ALL weapons have official stats

ALL weapons have official anims


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Still dying to get the sten.......... nice work!

Posted on 03.10.2014 / 18:35

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im still updateing bo1 weapons dude i will not stop updateing them mate dont worry ill get it done promiss

Posted on 03.10.2014 / 19:29

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also if you want it before the next update add me on skype

skype name: hickle.meddows

Posted on 03.10.2014 / 19:30

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I've been wanting these for so long. Zombie mapping time. I hope these work better for me than bo1 weapons did.

Posted on 04.10.2014 / 0:44

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wait one second why is an stg in bo2? I think that only was in bo1. and 10/10.

Posted on 04.10.2014 / 0:48

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nevermind. went on wiki

Posted on 04.10.2014 / 0:49

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Good to see you working on your custom models. Make weapon files for multiplayer too please

Posted on 04.10.2014 / 10:36

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I would really like to know what trouble you had with them so I know what to update I know about the l96a1 that is definitely going to be sorted

Posted on 04.10.2014 / 12:52

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So these won't work for multiplayer?

Posted on 04.10.2014 / 19:21

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not tested for mp

Posted on 05.10.2014 / 0:07

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So I wonder if they can be made to work for mp? I'm assuming they could, but haven't done any weapon modding yet......

Posted on 05.10.2014 / 16:58

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yeah they will work for mp now but installing them for mp idk how to.

Posted on 05.10.2014 / 20:39

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So you are saying you don't have cod waw multiplayer?

Posted on 09.10.2014 / 5:35

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no im saying setting up weapons for zombies is very different from multiplayer

Posted on 09.10.2014 / 15:45

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hey zombie, i tried to put the peacekeeper in my map, i have done most of your bo1 guns but is there something special i have to do to make it work, i seem to get exceeded limit of 1600 loaded sound issues, any clue what this is?

Posted on 09.10.2014 / 18:45

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yes the game is loading over 1600 sound files but the limit is 1600

go to where you installed waw

root/raw/soundaliases and find weapons.csv comment out sounds you are not using (depending how far you are over the limit depends how much you have to comment out

do this when commenting stuff out "#" without quotes

then do a full re-compile of your map that fixes it and allows room for more sound files

Posted on 09.10.2014 / 19:26

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all bow down to zombiemadness will be using these in my spongebob map

Posted on 12.10.2014 / 19:31

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are you going to be adding more weapons soon? id love to have the an-94 in my map along with the pdw ;D

Posted on 12.10.2014 / 20:01

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funny you should say that lol ive just exported the an94 im also going to release a update for spec maps and nml maps for the bo1 weapons and bo2 weapons

Posted on 12.10.2014 / 20:52

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Will you be later adding attachments for guns? As well as the M1927 from MOTD

Posted on 14.10.2014 / 0:40

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yes dark

Posted on 14.10.2014 / 2:45

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Nice work with the weapons. Thank you. Any chance you're about to do an-94, skorpion evo or swat-556?

Posted on 23.10.2014 / 13:00

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an-94 has already been done, but im having hardware problems at minite so all work has been put on hold untill i can fix my hardware

Posted on 23.10.2014 / 17:31

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hello zombie madness do you have to have black ops 2 for the download to work or is everything included? New to this.

Posted on 15.11.2014 / 11:51

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Everything is included if you install these correctly everything will work

Posted on 15.11.2014 / 12:33

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Cool will be good to have these is the mauser there and ray mk2? also is there a tutorial. Il have a go see what can do thanks.

Posted on 16.11.2014 / 0:40

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Look in the rar pal what you see is what you get for now at least

Posted on 16.11.2014 / 0:50

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Cool mate i understand now about whats included. Is all i have to do is drag n drop these in raw and mods and edit my.gsc and .csv ? and build mod thats whats i could make out from the cfg video although he was doing it for modern warfare. i just need to understand how to do this now iv learnt alot about other things an absolute modache lol

Posted on 16.11.2014 / 17:04

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P.s if you could do the mauser would be LEGEND!

Posted on 16.11.2014 / 17:07

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Everything you said is correct appart from editing a csv there is a pre-made csv in the soundalieases folder

Posted on 16.11.2014 / 21:56

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yes noticed that earlier i had succes withem now and ive downloaded the black ops one thankyou there good. now my problem is too many fx assets how do i remove the old waw guns i dont want

Posted on 17.11.2014 / 2:22

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Hmm I have to go through my files and make them all use standerdflashview coz that people won't get the fx error but if you just delete the weapon file you do not want and open dlc3_code.gsc and _zombiemode_weapons.gsc and delete the lines as well for example if you delete zombie_Thompson you must delete the lines that say zombie_Thompson also the weapon file limit in any map mod is 128 I think so just becareful

Posted on 17.11.2014 / 6:56

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You are already an awesome human being however doing the tommy gun from mob of the dead would tip you into jesus like territories! But seriously keep up the amazing work!

Posted on 29.11.2014 / 20:00

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lol thanks man

Posted on 29.11.2014 / 21:46

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when is the next update gonna be released, and what is it gonna include? I'm really curious, this is really freaking awsome!!!

Posted on 30.11.2014 / 12:33

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I don't currently have a release date for the next update what's it going to include? It can be anything from wonder weapons to the standard bullet weapons

Posted on 30.11.2014 / 12:55

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ok I would love to see the AN-94 and the Raygun mk2, It would be perfect for my new map Awsome work btw!!!

Posted on 30.11.2014 / 15:44

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i have done the an-94 or isnt that in this pack?

Posted on 30.11.2014 / 17:07

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Nah or when was the last time u updated?

Posted on 30.11.2014 / 18:17

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this is the only one i have released so far

Posted on 30.11.2014 / 18:40

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ok then it's not

Posted on 30.11.2014 / 20:04

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I'll get some more done then post a update

Posted on 30.11.2014 / 22:06

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ok sounds great

Posted on 30.11.2014 / 22:29

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i got all that done after alot of time as i didnt know what was doing at first lol. if i ad on skype is ok?

Posted on 07.12.2014 / 21:25

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yes sure go ahead

Posted on 08.12.2014 / 0:10

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Can you make a raygun mark II and origin's staff if this is possible ?

Posted on 08.01.2015 / 18:57

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Posted on 24.01.2015 / 4:24

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How do you install?, im a newbie

Posted on 27.01.2015 / 13:33

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if you download my bo1 weapons pack (v2.5) there is a tut.txt file with install instructions

Posted on 30.01.2015 / 16:39

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i may transfer the tut/txt file over to bo2 weapons actually coz if you dont want bo1 weapons in ur mod then its a waste of time in you people downloading a seperate pack just to get txt file

Posted on 04.02.2015 / 2:23

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But The Fal Osw Dosen't Work Why ?? Can You Fix IT

Posted on 09.06.2015 / 21:51

sorry to revive a really old topic but bo2 weapons have been deleted off my system for now consentrating on bo1 and mw2 weapons please be assured bo2 weapons WILL make a appearance

Posted on 29.06.2015 / 16:28

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you should add the staffs

Posted on 25.07.2015 / 5:29

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I tried out the STG44 and when I get it the whole texture is black, I really like the bo2 version more than the others but not seeing it is driving me crazy! Plz help

Posted on 28.10.2015 / 0:49

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Sorry to revive an old topic! But i found a fix for your fal_osw lol. To fix it's not showing in Asset viewer/game. Go to the xmodelparts & xmodelsurfs folder. you will see the number "0" at each end. Just replace the 0 with 1 in all 4 files.

Posted on 13.04.2016 / 22:38

ive got a update on these weapons if you are still interested

Posted on 31.05.2016 / 15:17

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I love this page

Posted on 21.04.2016 / 23:29

update coming either tonight or tomoz morning when i have more time update has the following:

degenerate tris
nml maps
spec and cosine maps
better stats (still official)
pap camo for the an94 from die rise
ALL weapons are pap-able
instructions on how to installed a detailed one will be included when i get round to making one
also a video on how to install these will be included on the CFG topic and in the txt files (you may also download the video using clip grab from google).
all weapons are tested extensivly by myself and other beta testers (testers will be credited in the credits list along with everyone else who made it possible.

Posted on 30.06.2016 / 23:53

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I know i am late but how do u insstall this?

Posted on 13.07.2016 / 13:54

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Hi friends I need the death machine of call of duty black ops 1 or black ops 2 help me please

Posted on 06.01.2017 / 18:32

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Can anyone explain to me how to add these to my map? I am new to modding and I need some assistance. Thanks.

Posted on 18.03.2018 / 16:04

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