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Gun 4/5 is the Famas from Modern Warfare 2.

Using official stats and sounds from MW2.

Attachments: Suppressor, ACOG Scope, Reflex Sight.

No grenade launcher. I mainly mod World at War Zombies, so when I port these weapons, I port them based on my needs first. I don't have any use for a grenade launcher on this weapon so it has been left out to save images/materials limits and the time of converting the grenade launcher animations and materials.

Credit Tom-BMX for his tools that make porting weapons between Call of Duty titles easier.


file updated: 23/12/14


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Posted on 20.12.2014 / 15:02

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Thank you. A weapon i have been waiting for long time

Posted on 20.12.2014 / 18:16

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thank you

Posted on 20.12.2014 / 20:49

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Looks like model doesn't have one iwi file. The name of the iwi file is too long for me to write it down.
Convicto, please download m93 raffica and famas models and over check is there any missing files.

Posted on 21.12.2014 / 17:57

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Is it giving an error of not being able to load an image? I've tested the downloads and there doesn't seem to be anything missing?

Posted on 21.12.2014 / 18:27

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Yes. Maybe I'm having weird compiling problems.

Posted on 21.12.2014 / 21:49

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Actually your problem is on my end. Somehow I deleted the material_properties for the famas. Not sure how that happened but it was 2am when I put the downloads together. I don't know how updating a download works on this site.

Posted on 21.12.2014 / 22:38

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This problem occurs on raffica too. I think you should just reupload them.

Posted on 22.12.2014 / 10:32

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So i did some troubleshooting.
Missing texture files:

Also double check m93 raffica model too.

Posted on 22.12.2014 / 16:03

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So if I want this gun in waw. Do I port it like it were a regular cod4 weapon, or is it a more simple way to do it? I would really want this in my zombie map u see

Posted on 01.01.2015 / 2:47

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Nice but, do we have MW2 TAR 21?

Posted on 18.01.2015 / 20:34

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como se intalar la concha de tu madre contesta

Posted on 27.09.2015 / 1:58

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Nice port!

Posted on 08.02.2018 / 17:44

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Man, do u have uploaded this weapon for sp map?if upload this weapon for sp i need this for custom map.

Posted on 20.05.2018 / 17:49

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