[Titanfall] RE-45 Autopistol

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Gun 5/5 of my holiday releases is the RE-45 Autopistol from Titanfall.

Using modified stats of the G18 from MW2. Using the official sounds from Titanfall.

Attachments: Suppressor

The RE-45 and G18 are very similar weapons. So take the G18 rig and animations from MW2 and stick them on the RE-45 model and just like that you have a Titanfall pistol in COD. 


Tom-BMX for his tools that made ripping the G18 model (rig) and animations easier.

Cra0kalo for his Titanfall VPK tool.

Rollonmath42 for his tutorial on porting weapons from Titanfall.



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Nice port! Thank you for submitting this and all the other custom models!

Posted on 20.12.2014 / 13:32

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I like this pistol

Posted on 23.12.2014 / 11:09

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Awesome job doing this, I never did get around to trying it when I figured out both weapons are practically the same.

Posted on 27.12.2014 / 14:49

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the no silencer weaponfile has silencer and has no mag. I am dam sure i did everything right.

Posted on 18.07.2015 / 17:03

Dem the tag "silencer" is actually the mag, if you remove it from "hidetags" the mag shows up.. now i need to know which tag should i remove for the silencer to dissapear

Posted on 18.07.2015 / 20:15

This custom weapon works fine. You have done something wrong i think

Posted on 23.07.2015 / 18:15

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Posted on 14.02.2016 / 12:07

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Posted on 15.02.2018 / 9:03

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