CoD4 AT-4

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Another port from SP to MP, the AT-4 to replace the RPG. Again these are Infinity Ward files & all I have done is compile them so people can add them to their own mods.

I know that similar has been done before but this one actually aims down the sights, has a projectile & HUDs work. 

One issue I have had, the RPG is still on any player's back when they're carrying this.

All credit to IW


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Finally someone
Now we need Stinger and Javelin

Posted on 04.01.2015 / 13:05

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Working javelin is in the "kill the king" mod.

Posted on 08.01.2015 / 17:56

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I tried the stinger but was missing some anim files, if I have any luck getting them all together I'll be uploading.

Posted on 09.01.2015 / 11:33

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