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here is another update for my bo1 weapons pack there is a txt file in there containing instructions on how to install these assets


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you have a player models for codwaw ?(John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Fidel Castro, Robert McNamara) from the map "Five" Black ops ?

Posted on 15.01.2015 / 17:46

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Thanks a lot for sharing

Posted on 15.01.2015 / 18:16

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@ville88 no i don't

Posted on 15.01.2015 / 19:19

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Nice I really like these packs. Also is there any chance that you can do Modern Warfare 2 weapons

Posted on 15.01.2015 / 20:14

0 0 these you mean? lol i don't really plan on releasing these weapon's TBH they need a ton of work to port

Posted on 15.01.2015 / 20:25

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Hey thanks for the weapons. does pack come with packapunch version too or do i have to wait?

Posted on 15.01.2015 / 20:35

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my plans were to release paped version's (i did promise before xmas) but that kinda didn't happen plus if you can give me a list of attachments you guys want then ill get to it

Posted on 15.01.2015 / 20:38

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NOTE: still got weapons to port yet THIS pack isnt complete

Posted on 15.01.2015 / 20:39

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Yeah haha those ones. Is it harder because MW2 didnt have mod tools?
Im interested in learning how to port guns from any cods. Is there any specific tutorials you used to learn yourself or did you self teach?

Posted on 15.01.2015 / 20:48

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i learnt from elfenliedtopfan5 hints why hes in my credits for the weapons

Posted on 15.01.2015 / 20:49

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Hahaha of course, he helped me get maya 8.5 working a few years ago.

Posted on 15.01.2015 / 20:55

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When I added the scavenger and thundergun I get over 1600 sound assets loaded error. Anyone else get this and/or know how to fix?

Posted on 15.01.2015 / 21:33

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When I have 


In the mod.csv for the map it crashes but if I have 

It works. The problem that I now have is that when i use _mp only the shooting sound is played not the reload or explosion :/

Posted on 15.01.2015 / 21:49

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Dont worry It should all work fine just the scavenger uses a shit tonne of sounds thats all

Posted on 15.01.2015 / 22:19

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Please use the comments section for reporting bugs and glitches or anything like that

Posted on 15.01.2015 / 23:37

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no sound in THUNDERGUN

Posted on 16.01.2015 / 4:16

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ill have a look when i get home. pretty sure there is tho

Posted on 16.01.2015 / 13:11

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Thanks zombie_madness enfield works now!! I loves ks23 ans m60!

Posted on 16.01.2015 / 17:31

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Yes the thunder guns sound works fine for me. One thing is check in the mod.csv you have "sound,thundergun,,all_mp" Let me clarify "all_mp". If it has _sp the shot sound i think works but no reloads etc. If I ever get gun shot sounds but no reload I normally just swap to to either _mp or _sp to get it to work depending on what it is already on.

Also madness, you know the scavenger and l96a1 use the same sounds mostly? Im going to try save some sounds assets by reusing same sounds for l96a1 and taking out some of the scavengers.

Posted on 16.01.2015 / 18:41

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First of all, thanks so much for you porting these weapons over. Second of all, I've noticed a bug. The scavenger plays the effect of exploding when it hits a surface, not when it explodes and the damage is applied. If you could fix that for the next update (which I await desperately) that would be amazing

Posted on 16.01.2015 / 21:01

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so what you mean is the explode FX is being played at wrong times?

Posted on 17.01.2015 / 0:50

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I think its just the sound that plays. The shot lands on a surface and the explode sound plays then the build up sound then the explode sound again as well as killing zombies. I think the fx are fine though and its just the sound is played twice.

Posted on 17.01.2015 / 4:13

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sound isnt being played 2 times lol try not to spam the scavenger

Posted on 17.01.2015 / 15:57

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Maybe something is bugged on my end if other people are reporting it as working fine but when I fire the scavenger, as soon as the shot collides with a surface it plays the explosion fx and then a few seconds later, the zombies die

Posted on 18.01.2015 / 7:48

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ok ill look at the scavenger when i get a chance

Posted on 18.01.2015 / 15:52

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this is my new account other account got hacked

Posted on 19.01.2015 / 20:57

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what do you mean that "still got weapons to port yet THIS pack isnt complete"

Other weapons are upload too later?

Posted on 23.01.2015 / 14:25

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new black ops weapons going to be uploaded soon!

Posted on 23.01.2015 / 17:50

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Oh great! What is new black ops weapons?

Posted on 23.01.2015 / 21:34

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Don't listen to zombie madness it's jzob he hacked my account zombie madness 2 is my new account

Posted on 24.01.2015 / 4:15

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Posted on 24.01.2015 / 4:29

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Ok ! Stupid hacker! how long time hacker has been hacked you account? do you report them to admin? ps: Sorry for my bad english it's certainely funny for you

Posted on 24.01.2015 / 13:42

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yes i have told the admin and no response so i can safly say ive lost my account anyway there will be another bo1 weapons update soon not sure when tho ill post link here when uploaded

Posted on 26.01.2015 / 3:39

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Sayyyy, I was looking at your pics up above and the viewhands look like they are exo suit viewhands. Is there any chance you might be bringing Advanced Warfar weapons to us anytime soon???

Posted on 26.01.2015 / 5:42

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Also, I tried including the Scavenger and Thundergun into my map and I get the excdeed 400 fx limit. How do I fix this?

Posted on 26.01.2015 / 6:37

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chadric wait and see :troll: fx error fix is here:

Posted on 29.01.2015 / 4:57

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Nice work again,ty.
You ever have a desire to convert some cod2 weapons?

Posted on 04.02.2015 / 17:31

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LOL no

Posted on 06.02.2015 / 2:00

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the scavenger purple explode effect doesnt work

Posted on 13.02.2015 / 17:20

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is that for upgraded version? if so i havnt done them just yet

Posted on 18.02.2015 / 7:45

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Hey! Thanks for getting back to me man. I tried going to your link that you posted and it wouldn't load. Do you know of anything else that I can do to fix it?

Posted on 19.02.2015 / 1:44

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yes the site is temp down due to bank stopping me from making server payments :\ i have a txt file (i think) with the fix add me on skype ill be able to help you fix this issue a ton faster therefore give you valuable time to carry on with your mod/map

skype name: hickle.meddows

Posted on 23.02.2015 / 4:35

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sorry for the long delayed answer but i no longer have acess to zombie madness account dut to a hacker who hacked it

Posted on 23.02.2015 / 4:36

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How long time Pack-A-Punched version of weapons will be released?

Posted on 24.02.2015 / 16:30

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Hey zombie madness! Thanks for getting back to me again. Unfortunately my computer does not have Skype on it. Is there any other way you can help me?

Posted on 25.02.2015 / 16:02

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steam? its really difficult for me to know when comments are being posted (hints late reply's) also update coming as soon as i can release it all stats fixed and some weapon changes

Posted on 10.03.2015 / 1:39

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scavenger script doesnt work purple exploding effect doesnt display

Posted on 15.04.2015 / 14:21

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its on the regular version haha when you shoot it its sticks to the wall and glows yellow but when its explode it doesnt have the fx thats meant to be played

Posted on 15.04.2015 / 14:24

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v3.01 is out only avalable from me via skype

Posted on 27.05.2015 / 0:19

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Can't packapunch

Posted on 10.02.2016 / 20:29

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Madness could you add the Tokarev *From the flashback mission* with the flashlight, please? I'm thinking of adding a dark place in my map where the players have to use it.

Posted on 16.04.2016 / 16:00

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missing thundergun.gsc

Posted on 28.04.2016 / 6:32

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Zombie Madness

i can't get the thunder gun to work.
please help

Posted on 21.06.2016 / 0:54

if you need help add me on skype

my skype name is: hickle.meddows

Posted on 10.10.2016 / 3:26

it migth be broken...

Posted on 16.10.2017 / 17:30

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Is there a tutorial on how to install out there?

Posted on 16.10.2017 / 17:29

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In the instructions, it says 'merge folders'. I don't know what this means. Can anybody tell me? Thanks.

Posted on 18.03.2018 / 16:49

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