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Hey Guys


Ive you use these Characters in your map, then credit me :D




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Nice bro thanks for sharing
By the way, do you think you could help me with some stuff for my new map?
Would be awesome!

Posted on 19.03.2015 / 16:43

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Posted on 19.03.2015 / 18:55

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Yeah sure add me on Steam


Posted on 19.03.2015 / 20:18

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ok I sent friend request

Posted on 20.03.2015 / 16:31

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thanks Dunlop i will use these in kino

Posted on 14.04.2015 / 13:55

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scratch that multiple weapon through the 128 bones limit with this char model

Posted on 15.04.2015 / 16:16

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its work for me

Posted on 15.04.2015 / 18:26

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it works on some guns withe fewer bones meaning that they are not stable or useful for most people i would look into removing bones that are not needed, for instance match it up with the 4 models from waw and remove what isn't listed, this is just a suggestion

Posted on 16.04.2015 / 16:26


Posted on 24.06.2015 / 4:32

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im making a new custom map and im a pleb. help? steam is atomictoxicness

Posted on 03.08.2015 / 2:47

U should add me

Posted on 06.09.2015 / 17:22

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The mouth on their faces doesnt work

Posted on 17.08.2015 / 6:30

did you get it fixed? I have the same problem... I'm getting bo2 tomorrow. I might just port my own...

Posted on 29.11.2015 / 9:10

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Can someone please tell me how to make these the playermodels on my map? I'm new at custom zombies and will soon start making my first map. I would really appreciate it.

Posted on 17.04.2016 / 15:18

Oh and if someone knows another site with cfg's please tell me

Posted on 17.04.2016 / 15:19

Just copy and paste the contents of the archive in Root > raw. It will replace a few scripts in the 'character' folder, so I recommend you preserve a backup of these. And copy the 'images' folder from the archive and paste it in Root > mods > mapname. Now open up 'mod.csv' in the same folder and type in the following at the bottom


Now save it and you're done. Build the mod with your images being selected and you will now have Origins Character models

Posted on 20.04.2016 / 9:38

Thanks, man! I will credit you if I someday finish it (I won't probably remember, tho )

Posted on 23.04.2016 / 4:04

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Could you port their viewhands too?

Posted on 14.10.2016 / 15:48

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Can I get the gdt so I can switch the tags for cod4 pls.

Will be very appreciated

Posted on 25.05.2017 / 21:24

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