VSTR running script for cinematics

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A really simple VSTR script which you can use if you would want more than 1 character to run in your cinematics.

Alli is selling this for 3,40$ on his sellfy which I find ridiculous since this has been public for a long time.

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Posted on 09.04.2015 / 12:45

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How do i use? Quite New to this

Posted on 10.04.2015 / 18:38

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@mt1379 I havent used it but since it's a cfg file it either goes into main folder or possibly into your mod folder. Then it's straight up exec and following the instructions that should be possible to understand inside the file

Posted on 10.04.2015 / 21:14

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ketoh for stormzy v2, leaks private script! u r faygot

Posted on 12.04.2015 / 20:29

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@zurasaur he got so mad

Posted on 12.04.2015 / 22:50

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@Ket0h you are surprised? lol

Posted on 15.04.2015 / 18:25

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@zurasaur nah, but whining over something that has been public which I didn't even get from him

Posted on 15.04.2015 / 19:48

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@KeToh I wasn't even that mad, it's the fact that you took my video and put it over your file that has nothing to do with mine. You just wanted to be a dick; Plain & Simple

Posted on 01.05.2015 / 21:02

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@AlliEdits No, it's a clear example of what someone can execute with this. I mean, look at your edit that I linked with it, it's full of cinematics where you've used something similar.

Posted on 02.05.2015 / 13:45

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u da mvp

Posted on 23.06.2015 / 1:03

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I Need instructions

Posted on 25.10.2015 / 8:32

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How to use it

Posted on 12.03.2017 / 6:01

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