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Weapon: HBRa3

Attachments: Reflex Sight, ACOG, Suppressor

Using modified M4A1 animations. Custom ADS animations.

I don't even own the game so if you want the actual sounds you can get them yourself.

ACOG, red dot reticle, and foregrip are from COD4; so if you plan to use this in WaW you will need those materials and images from COD4.

Just used the model provided here


Tom-BMX - Lemon, Lime, Maya Plugins


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should have either removed or animated the strap cause it looks weird, other than that good job

Posted on 21.04.2015 / 17:28

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good works man! i really like it it looks like official animation

Posted on 21.04.2015 / 20:26

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The reload is clipping

Posted on 23.04.2015 / 21:04

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hmm i heard that you dont release anymore guns on CFGfactory? But thanks

Posted on 24.04.2015 / 17:47

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How do i use this plz answer?

Posted on 18.06.2015 / 22:55

Step 1: Look up how to use cod4 custom models.
Step 2: Put a potato in the friendzone.
Step 3: ?????
Step 4: Profit.

Posted on 19.06.2015 / 6:45

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Why is it that i can see the weapon in create a class but i do not get it to work

Posted on 30.07.2015 / 15:55

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Posted on 03.10.2017 / 0:21

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