Exo Hands Atlas (Campaign)


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I can't download.

Posted on 04.09.2015 / 11:52

It may be a problem on the servers, or on your computer.

Posted on 05.09.2015 / 3:11

ech this SPi

Posted on 06.09.2015 / 17:24

i can download btw
let me know if you want those hands, i can reupload it somewhere else

Posted on 13.09.2015 / 11:33

can i bear up with you?

Posted on 03.10.2015 / 18:51

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Wait....Campaign? How the hell? does this work with weapons too?

Posted on 25.10.2015 / 6:01

The mod that come in the pack is for campaign, and yes you can use it for weapons, other mods, and if it need to be fixed it can be done so with the provided Maya Binary file and textures.

Posted on 25.10.2015 / 17:34

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So your telling me i can install all of these custom models into Campaign?

Posted on 25.10.2015 / 21:02

The mod included already has the skin installed, but yes, you can use other model/skins in the mod.

Posted on 26.10.2015 / 6:26

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