MW3 Weapons pack 2.0

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Hello all! i have make an update of my mw3 weapons pack that's fix:
- All missing images and materials
- Fire's sound stereo to mono for best sound in coop
- certain weapon files fixed (pp90m1_eotech, smaw, fmg9, all LMG except mk46)
- a many other minor fixes


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pukecereal smiley

Posted on 19.01.2016 / 17:19

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computer smiley

Posted on 20.01.2016 / 11:51

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I got them working in CoD4.
Place i got my info (i know it is ugx idc):
And here it is in CoD4:

Posted on 13.02.2016 / 19:34

good job! smiley

Posted on 13.02.2016 / 22:17

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can you pack a punch these

Posted on 15.03.2016 / 1:24

You can pap yourself.... that's really easy and add more originality to your map

Posted on 15.03.2016 / 13:40

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also im confused i tried adding the m4_eotech but i doesnt show up in the box help
really smileymegusta smileymegusta smiley

Posted on 15.03.2016 / 22:13

are you ticked it in mod build builder and add it at mod.csv?? zombiemode_weapons.gsc and dlc3_code.gsc are good?

Posted on 16.03.2016 / 13:36

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i actually dont know if my _weapons and dl3c.gsc are good

Posted on 16.03.2016 / 20:38

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i got it working but i nedd help with something else
when i get the gun it doesnt show it zooming inreally smileylol smileyfuuu smileyfuuu smileyfuuu smileyfuuu smileyfuuu smileyfuuu smileysadtroll smileysocute smileysocute smileysocute smileysadtroll smileysadtroll smileysocute smileysadtroll smileysocute smileysocute smileymegusta smileymegusta smileymegusta smileylied smileysurprainbow smileysurprainbow smiley

Posted on 16.03.2016 / 22:28

so basically ads doesnt show up

Posted on 17.03.2016 / 2:25

install viewhands_black_kit

Posted on 20.03.2016 / 17:49

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seriously smileypukecereal smiley

Posted on 30.03.2016 / 16:56

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