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I figured I'll release all the left over mods & raw files I have since 2012~2013 for the people who are still editing this game.
There are many more heavy-weight mods which I truly can't be arsed to take the time and upload but this might be enough for some people.

The folder includes:

- My precious Angel statue (raw) which you could see in Trifecta's or Undeadz's edits.

- BO running & death animations (raw).

- Some weird BO2 player models I compiled ages ago when tombmx's tool for BO2 was just released.

- Nature Strike, a mod made for Undeadz's clip "nineteen" (Includes raw and compiled fog/no fog versions and can be used in every classic map).

- First person legs (mod) which was made for FLM's movie "riFT" (Use the commands I listed in the note).

- Floating first person gun (raw & mod) which is in other words no-hands-mod for the quake'ish look tho you can make many more stuff with that.

- Invisible players mod (raw & mod), pretty much what it states.

- and my personal fog mod files which many asked for tho I believe it got leaked already.

*Note* Some of these mods are compiled but majority are raw and you need common modding knowledge to work with, which you can easily find in CFGFactory.

Other than that some textures in these mods are not made by me and were downloaded from CFGFactory,
Sadly I cannot recall who they were made by as it was ages ago.
Some mods & raw were made by Kalabokk such as the POV legs, no-hands-mod and invisible players.

if you have any questions related to the files or anything you can hit me up on steam which is the quickest way to get me.

You can follow me on twitter @sViix
My COD channel -
My League of Legends Channel -


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Thanks for releasing.

Posted on 31.03.2016 / 13:41

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Thanks sviix! I'm sure we all appreciate it!

Posted on 31.03.2016 / 18:27

0 0 its totally dead.

Posted on 31.03.2016 / 18:30

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The legend

Posted on 31.03.2016 / 22:22

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YOU. son.. of ... GOD!!!!!

Posted on 01.04.2016 / 23:09

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Cyka ))

Posted on 02.04.2016 / 8:02

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underrated mod

Posted on 17.08.2017 / 23:53

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