BO3 KN44

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those guns come from bo3 beta version, they are not perfect but they work
credits : Treyarch and Tom's Tools

bo3 KN 44
- silencer
- reflex


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I like your screenshots koene

Posted on 20.04.2016 / 0:06

Haha, thanks. I like your models. I will upload them all to cfgfactory but I will seperate them over the weeks so people do not miss some of your nice work smiley

Posted on 20.04.2016 / 9:08

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its cool smiley
But looks like the gun doesnt fit in the left hand, but thats no prob, sick model mate. smiley

Posted on 20.04.2016 / 14:26

yea a little bit ... it looked ok in maya and I was too lazy to change all anims smiley

Posted on 20.04.2016 / 21:24

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@ koene ... I have some other guns from bo3 they will come slowly smiley

Posted on 20.04.2016 / 21:25

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this guys is pro
I think one day mitsu will work for infinity ward happy smiley
good koene nice images betterthan smiley

Posted on 22.04.2016 / 0:20

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is there a way i can add this to waw ?

Posted on 15.05.2016 / 2:01

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nice sounds

Posted on 18.06.2016 / 22:48

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Awesome mod but I need to know how to use insert these model into game and shit.

Posted on 20.08.2017 / 6:34

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