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Hello have been working on this skin for a while but I forgot about releasing it so here it is. Sorry if the screenshots isn't the best quality but I tried my best with taking them. In game in the sun the gun have a bright silver glare on it that I like my self hope you also do. And thanks for checking my skin out And the Japanese text on the side stand for Desert eagle but not 100% sure if it's correct but from my translation on the internet it should be right


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Love the skin gave it 10 out of 10 I would make on with the dragon all down the barrel of the gun would be sick.

Posted on 18.05.2016 / 21:48

Glad that you liked the skin sorry for late response but have been busy with school stuff, and thanks for a great idea for maybe a remake or a new skinin the future

Posted on 25.05.2016 / 20:38

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Dude. Awesome skin! does it replace the silver or gold Deagle? Also, do you have any tips and tricks for an aspiring skinner such as myself?

Posted on 27.06.2016 / 4:57

Thanks glad you liked it Sorry for late response, it replaces the silver one if you havent figured that out yet. My tip for coming up with a skin is look at other game weapon skins and look at real weapon paintjobs, and also make something and then add and remove stuff and try to find something that you like. Thats what i did for this skin looked up deasert eagle paint jobs and found one that i liked and made this.

Posted on 06.08.2016 / 16:55

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