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A promodlive edit with InGame Menu-like with fun commands, recommened for pub use only.
Menu opens with QuickMessages.
B/1/1 -> Opens the Menu
B/1/2 -> Invisibility for 2 Seconds (10 Seconds Cooldown)
B/1/3 -> Wallhack for 15 Seconds (5 Seconds Cooldown)
B/1/4 -> Gives you max ammo & 4 grenades (30 Seconds Cooldown)
B/1/5 -> Fullbright ON (No Cooldown)
B/1/6 -> FullBirght OFF (No Cooldown)
B/1/7 -> Left Side Gun Position (No Cooldown)
B/1/8 -> Right Side Gun Position (No Cooldown)
B/2/1 -> VIP Menu (Currently Disabled)
B/2/2 -> Stairway to Heaven (Currently working but its causing a server crash after lots of spawns)
You are not able to use any function untill cooldown is finished.
P.S. I made this mod for fun.No serious coding etc about it.If you have any questions PM me.
Enjoy. smiley


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nothing special really.....seen better, done better smiley

Posted on 12.06.2016 / 9:31

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Read the PS.

Posted on 12.06.2016 / 17:28

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