jEtox- 2k16 gaming cfg

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Gaming cfg for AK-u and scope, best works on 250 fps. Get some fps but its realy good, my friends try it and they love it


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jetox hahahahhahahahhahahhahaha

Posted on 28.06.2016 / 16:23

somethink funny?

Posted on 29.06.2016 / 10:31

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yes some"thinK" funny you whore boy you arent real jEtox- Unfortunately he passed away you fucking junkie fuck and you are trying to get your cfg downloaded (LOL) by putting HIS name on this PIECE OF GARBAGE cya fuckin nerd

Posted on 18.07.2016 / 21:08

your nickname is the same !! We in Croatia know who is jEtox and he is Croatian's jEtox, so stfu fan gay !!

Posted on 10.08.2016 / 13:00

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@Lefman7 there is actually nothing funny about my nick name it is a joke we made with mazarini on his where he was saying i am his "Bastard" . Comming back to the name faker right here its funny how he has "jEtox-" THE SAME nick name as real jetox
pretty much says everything cya no name from croatia gl at lans (LOOL NEVER BEEN TO ONE H@H@)

Posted on 22.08.2016 / 19:52

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