SpiralModz Black Ops 2 Weapons

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SpiralModz Black Ops 2 Weapons Pack V1.0

DOWNLOAD HERE!wEximA5R!OdWdTpoGriJJ1d7qC9_YWjOhcs9TXvwz_FJDnYcWsqI

There our 37 Weapons!
All Working fine!

Drag And Drop ,
Instructions in the download! with dlc3 code and zombiemode weapons inside!


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Awesome! Good job my man

Posted on 25.07.2016 / 8:40


Posted on 25.07.2016 / 11:40

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good job on the weapons although the an-94,mgo8,fal osw and remington new model have no sounds all the rest are working fine keep up the good work well done

Posted on 25.07.2016 / 13:25

Yeah , ill try fix those , thanks

Posted on 25.07.2016 / 15:29

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these are fucking terrible nates are so much better

Posted on 25.07.2016 / 20:41

lmao, come here again if you even know how to mod and make custom weapons.

Posted on 26.07.2016 / 0:08

you call this modding ? HAH modding is what people like nate, harry, all the people on ugx mods that post content. retard this is a fucking terrible pack. all he has done is got other peoples posts and added them into his own little pack retard.

Posted on 26.07.2016 / 12:00

Actually i ported all of these weapons myself , so i dont know why your soo pissed i dont know if maybe you just get bullied in school but no need to shit your self

Posted on 26.07.2016 / 12:35

Sure, Harry Bo21, natesmithzombies are both skilled modders and have brought goodness to the community. And what exactly have you done besides bitch about it like a 5 year old without his candy? Please try to be mature, you're not getting anything besides hate if you don't.

Posted on 27.07.2016 / 14:07

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Thank you.

Posted on 27.07.2016 / 21:14

when I use the every guns in the mod it give me an exceded limit 1600 something. PS: I know why but idk how to fix it.Also I don't want any world at war weapons

Posted on 03.11.2016 / 23:10

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how good are these ports coz ive got a pack planned its about 20% complete so far its 130MB including wall chaulks upg models interchangeable camo's

Posted on 28.07.2016 / 2:57

im going to be updating these , more guns , wall chalks , upgrades, camos are already done, i have most of the guns done every gun from bo2 , all wall chalks nearly done

Posted on 28.07.2016 / 13:00

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fixed degenerate tris as well? going by what im seeing on the mp7

Posted on 28.07.2016 / 15:23

there is nothing wrong with the mp7......

Posted on 29.07.2016 / 20:50

0 0 ohh right sorry my bad

Posted on 30.07.2016 / 22:26

Its cool

Posted on 31.07.2016 / 9:27

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i was taking the piss.....look at that screenshot

Posted on 01.08.2016 / 14:23

Bro its not a big problem.... no one will not use these guns or the mp7 because of that lol

Posted on 02.08.2016 / 6:35

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mp7, swat 556, peacekeeper just to name 3 that people WILL avoid

Posted on 02.08.2016 / 18:45

dude it isnt a problem look at the other comments no one said any thing bad , its not a big issue relax , i uploaded these for people to use because they were just chilling on my pc and wanted to get them to use..

Posted on 02.08.2016 / 20:51

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Question, can you do the m1927 (tommy gun), cause that would be great

Posted on 03.08.2016 / 0:39

i have it but not uploading it yet tho im going to finish my pack off

Posted on 03.08.2016 / 1:12

Yep got that be in the next update

Posted on 07.08.2016 / 8:34

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Also the Skorpion EVO if possible

Posted on 03.08.2016 / 19:31

Yep iv got that all done be in the next update with 21 more weapons!

Posted on 04.08.2016 / 7:56

UrbanSpiral you are jesus

Posted on 04.08.2016 / 19:31

0 1 see the difference? ohh and yeah then green dots on sights>? yeah on mine they do light up like they do in bo2

Posted on 04.08.2016 / 2:49

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Rorke, bud. Not everyone is on our level of knowing the well porting stuff. People like you, Tito, Rollon, nate, etc... and dare to say myself are hard workers and everyone is helping the other out. Hell my specilalty is making dw weapons. Give me 5 mins to make a fully working dw weapon. So don't compare anyone to "THE REAL WEAPON PORTERS". You're doing a good job and so as he. No need to go on the lame bud. And no need to proff anything coz you're always one of the best .
Op, lovely to see more work from other people. You have me on steam. If you need help pm me .

Posted on 04.08.2016 / 23:36

i wasnt trying to be mean :/ i was actually trying to point it out thats all weapons like peacekeeper is where it will be noticeable most wasnt trying to be the dick or anything

Posted on 05.08.2016 / 2:06

Thank you!

Posted on 06.08.2016 / 8:01

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Great pack what i will say due is that i get a bunch of these 128 bones limit errors so sometimes you have to port your own models for it to work but other then that its great thanks

Posted on 11.08.2016 / 14:33

that happens when world model has more joints than the viewmodel i think

Posted on 16.08.2016 / 1:29

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awesome mod but im new to map making and i followed the instruction but still cant get this to work. can someone help me?

Posted on 26.08.2016 / 13:23

make sure you did everything correctly (i havent got round to doing anything with these yet due to hard drive issues but ill get round to it and pop up a video on how to get it all set up

Posted on 29.08.2016 / 0:20

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will the weapon files work for bo3 mod tools as well?

Posted on 16.10.2016 / 3:37

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thank you for this awesome pack.... i was trying to port them myself but always struggling with the bo2 weapons, but this saved my life..... thank you again

Posted on 15.12.2016 / 18:04

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Weapons chalks?

Posted on 31.12.2016 / 9:28

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I love this pack but the only problem is: how can choose our gun if every thing is pilled up together. This pack would kinda confuse people if they only want a specific weapon in this pack, so they would be confused like meh.

Posted on 17.01.2017 / 23:26

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bad syntax. u fcked my map. Can someone make at least some decent files with decent instructions? FFS

Posted on 07.06.2017 / 20:19

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