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pezbot cod4 airborne. cod4 without any limits , several gametypes in a single game , the xmodel you want, without limits of scripts, precache or other , on any map , very simple method , jejejeej . This item has gametype domination , headquarters , confirmed death, parachutes , blending, and much mas.quien splast he said cod4 had died . It is very much alive . This mod will have more than 10 new gametypes . also it has pezbots working perfectly.


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comments are appreciated

Posted on 07.09.2016 / 23:57

Will you be releasing OW2+pezbots in a near future, because i saw a video and it looks great too.

Posted on 08.09.2016 / 20:44

There are other mods before that .
I also always jumping from one mod to another without completely finished because I go ourriendo thoughts constantly has to say it is bad because I deviate from the main ideal and greatly complicate mod.
This cost me a lot to make the bots were several objectives , making were first by the principal and then were for the Secondary .
the complex is to create mods pezbots and work with new gametypes . well I 'll post a second version that fixes aon gametype .
have fun guys

Posted on 09.09.2016 / 0:21

Will you be releasing more mods with pezbot support?

Posted on 08.09.2016 / 6:23

Yeah right.
The next will be the same but for cod5 waw , but more different gametypes , I have to say that originally the first thought was to waw cod5 but when I finish it ported to cod4 , this mod that you have here , faults corrigiran

Posted on 08.09.2016 / 17:04

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The mod is working great but just some problems, the gametypes SE, DC, TWARKC are not working it switches me back to Free For All instead of those gametypes.

The gametype LMS (last man standing) is working but not effective, I mean wen you kill a player or pezbot instead of staying dead it revive, just like a regular FFA game.

LTS is working great tough.

For the AON gametype wen you kill a player or pezbot it shows FX in flooting 3d text, is that what it is supposed to do.

Anyhow very good work on this mod i love it.


Posted on 08.09.2016 / 6:32

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If anyone of you want to play this mod with other maps here are 22 maps I have for the waypoints

Posted on 08.09.2016 / 6:40

the gametypes SE, DC, TWARKC cod5 belong to mod waw who believe , but I'm a little loose and not clean veves well gametypes reglones.Esos not exist in this mod.
lms gametype bots do not behave as it should therefore remove can play but not as we know it.
and finally I looked at him and gametype aon arrangement.

Posted on 08.09.2016 / 17:12

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