AW M1 Irons

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Thanks to:

-ElTitoPricus: Sounds

-Tim Smith: Maya helps

-DTZxPorter: Wraith

-Sledgehammer Games: Models/Anims


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Good work

Posted on 03.12.2016 / 18:50

Thank you m8

Posted on 03.12.2016 / 18:51

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Since this is a Sledgehammer weapon... can we use Treyarch viewhands or do we need to use infinity ward viewhands? Also, this looks really awesome you should do the BAL-27 or the ASM1 next

Posted on 03.12.2016 / 19:04

Yup mate you can use every Treyarch or IW hands.

Posted on 03.12.2016 / 19:06

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One of my favourite weapons in Advanced Warfare is now in World At War?
Great job!

Posted on 03.12.2016 / 20:43

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Nice 128 bones error.........

Posted on 03.12.2016 / 20:59

are you using a custom playermodel or strange viewhands? because me and my friend tested and works perfectly.

Posted on 03.12.2016 / 21:03

I use viewhands_black_kit and for some reason(maybe came with the Script Placer)I have the Origins player models.

Posted on 03.12.2016 / 22:05

yes i tested this and streamed to Damiano. Works with no errors at all. 5 seconds just to install.
Thou i had ghosts base viewhands, and WaW's player models.

Posted on 04.12.2016 / 8:27

yeah its the origins characters you have because I once had them in my map then had the same 128 bones error

Posted on 04.12.2016 / 15:29

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hi damiano can u do the bo1 Olympia I know its old but I really nee it and ur port I great

Posted on 04.12.2016 / 1:56

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fixed worldmodel! now anyone can use that even with custom playermodels.

Posted on 04.12.2016 / 15:21

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Its great to see a Advanced Warfare weapon ported. Is there any chance that someone has the RW1 pistol ported to COD4 or COD5? I've been looking for that one for a long time.

Posted on 05.12.2016 / 6:43

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Dunno why that guy voted 5/10 that didn't even downloaded and tryed that.

Posted on 06.12.2016 / 19:22

I'm alos suprised. I got triggered by other guy who rated my file 5/10 without downloading it and i ended up rating all of his files 5/10 and commenting "bad" under one of his files. Wasn't very mature of me. I hope this bs with people not downloading and rating the file stops at some point. Idk

Posted on 06.12.2016 / 20:25

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