MWR Desert Eagle .50

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Mod sources, Maya sources, unchanged textures are included.
Inspect animation requires script and invoked by holding "Use" button for about 1 second. Nice alternative to original MWR button.

Yes. It's not silver but black deagle. Original textures looks awful for CoD4 lighting engine so I spent a lot of time to make them looks better.
If you made a retexture, contact me and if I like your work, I will update my archive.

Google Drive mirror.


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how to install ? help

Posted on 10.12.2016 / 12:33

Installation is typical for each custom model.

Posted on 10.12.2016 / 13:24

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Don't hate me for giving you 9/10. The reason was because you didn't fix the Noteracks. Other than that, wet textures needs more work. After Good job smiley

Posted on 10.12.2016 / 15:40

No problem. There's no "wet" textures - all of them from dry model. What's wrong with notetracks?

Posted on 10.12.2016 / 21:03

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How to install inspect.gsc script?

Posted on 13.12.2016 / 1:52

And maya_source?

Posted on 13.12.2016 / 1:53

If you don't know how to use maya sources then you might not need it at all. Read text files inside archive, I have described process in on of them.

Posted on 14.12.2016 / 13:13

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T-Max how to install inspect script ?

Posted on 16.12.2016 / 3:39

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The gun itself looks sick but i had 1 major problem when added to promod <- this happend (And it looks like this when running and when standing while aiming it goes normal

Posted on 03.01.2017 / 12:05

a) Fullbright enabled means no specular\normal mapping aswell. Color map looks exactly like this.
smiley You messed viewmodel and worldmodel. Use provided config. You can edit damage\sway settings according promod one.
Anyway, textures was ripped from MWR and they're correct.

Posted on 03.01.2017 / 13:20

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