MWR M40A3 + Assassin Kit (T-Max edition)

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Mod sources, Maya sources, original textures (a bit edited) are included.
I left fire sound original as I wasn't able to capture it from MWR without rechamber sound.

Killfeed icon for Assassin kit you can find under "maya_sources" directory.

Google Drive mirror.


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Forgot to mention. Assassin Kit is set as View/World Gun 2 in weapon config. That means you must use script to give it to player like it is in original game with different camos.
giveWeapon("mwr_m40a3_mp", 1);
wait 0.05;

Posted on 19.12.2016 / 15:51

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wow men
briliant idea
nice work

Posted on 19.12.2016 / 19:56

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CFGFactory .zip archive misses "mtl_mwr_m21_bipod" material. Please download from mirror one.

Posted on 20.12.2016 / 6:04

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All your MWR models need custom viewhands? Or they working with default ones as well?

Posted on 27.12.2016 / 0:01

EDIT: Figurued by myself, default hands litlle bit buggy.

Posted on 27.12.2016 / 1:46

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Maya 2012 won't open any of the files in the "maya_source" folder. Is a different version required to work with these .mb files?

Posted on 28.12.2016 / 3:06


Posted on 28.12.2016 / 18:03

Did you open tools_info.txt?

Posted on 28.12.2016 / 18:05

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Yes, I see that you have Maya 2016 listed there. I was just hoping there was some way to use 2012.

Posted on 29.12.2016 / 4:45

export model with Tom tool, and open it in maya 2012

Posted on 30.12.2016 / 3:26

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excelent work T-Max

Posted on 30.12.2016 / 3:26

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how do you convert this weapon to waw?

Posted on 01.01.2017 / 20:48

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sorry mate im a newcomer
can you explain how to put these guns in original cod4?


Posted on 08.01.2017 / 14:19

Installation is typical for custom model and has been described a lot of times it this site. Unpack "mod_source" folder to your CoD4/raw directory, add files from "mod_stuff" to your mod directory, add lines from "mod_stuff/add_to_mod.csv" to your "mod.csv" and compile mod.

Posted on 08.01.2017 / 21:19

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Will you create the ak47?

Posted on 23.02.2017 / 0:20

Maybe. I'm a bit surprised there's nobody releases models for public. It's not too hard but requires a bit more job than "Launch Lime, Launch Lemon, copy\paste, upload".

Posted on 23.02.2017 / 8:41

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hey could u make tutorial how to insert these into cod 4 mp and play with them on public matches pls

Posted on 13.03.2017 / 0:39

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So T-Max, how did you figure out the inspect element scripts on these MW:R weapons? I'm porting the XM-LAR to make a MW:R weapon mini-mod, and I'm curious on how did you do it.

Posted on 25.03.2017 / 20:48

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hey im a noob at this stuff, can you walk me through the process of installing this mod? teamspeak and teamviewer is doable.

Posted on 09.04.2017 / 18:15

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como se instala?
ayudenme por favor

Posted on 02.05.2017 / 23:35

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how did u do for inspection in gun?

Posted on 28.12.2017 / 13:46

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how do i get the assassin kit and inspect to work? when everything goes well I just get the original mwr m40a3?

Posted on 23.03.2018 / 18:47

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Nice try.. trying to report my shit for duplicates.. you missed one thing? the size in the mods and the name "Minimal" and "Full".. But nice try for trying to report my content.. Now everyone can see you report other user's for shits and giggles.

Posted on 26.01.2019 / 21:28

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